Hospital Billing Information

Patient Friendly Billing

North Ottawa Community Health System is committed to providing excellent care to our patients from admission through discharge and beyond. Our Patient Friendly Billing policies and procedures give patients several options when paying their portion of charges.

North Ottawa Community Health System bills your insurance carrier according to the information you give us at registration. After your insurance carrier pays the NOCHS their portion of charges or if they do not pay, any balances left are your responsibility to pay. When paying any balance, whether you have insurance or not, you can make payment with cash, personal check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express.

Contact Information:

For more information about any of the available payment options, we encourage you to read through the information presented here and contact us with any questions you have. To make payment arrangements under one of the options above, please call (616) 844-4598 or email us at


Below you will find a complete list of medical procedures and their associated charges that are offered by North Ottawa Community Hospital.

This information is intended to promote price transparency for patients to help them understand their potential financial responsibility for services rendered by North Ottawa Community Hospital. However, it is important to understand that the hospital charges listed below are only a starting point for determining the final cost of your treatment. There are a number of other factors which can play a role in the amount of your final bill, including, but not limited to, treatment for complications that could occur, changes in treatment plan due to your health, the need for additional tests or procedures, your insurance coverage, your co-pay requirement, if any, drug dosages, and the time spent in operating room.

The hospital charges listed below also do not include charges from physicians who provide services independent of the hospital. This includes your surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist or other professional services billed by the physician. You will be billed separately for these professional services from their offices and should contact them directly should you have questions regarding the cost of their services.

Patients should understand that the final bill they receive for services provided by North Ottawa Community Hospital may differ significantly from the charges listed below for the reasons identified above. Price transparency is a laudable goal, but there are many factors that can impact the final cost of treatment, and many are not subject to specific calculation before treatment is provided.

If you have insurance, your financial responsibility will also depend on your coverage, coinsurance, copayment, deductible, etc. For specific information about your insurance benefits, and how it will affect the cost of your treatment, please contact your insurance company directly.

If you have questions about a hospital bill or the hospital charges listed below, please contact us at, 616-847-5272.

Please click [here] to download the North Ottawa Community Hospital price transparency list.

For researchers, regulators, and application developers needing access to a machine-readable file containing North Ottawa Community Health System Self-Funded Plan negotiated rates and out-of-network allowed amounts, please navigate to the Employee page of the website.