Sponsorship Requests

As part of our commitment to being good corporate citizens, we make it a point to invest in organizations that also serve the West Michigan community. Any agency or business that shares our commitment to helping West Michigan residents achieve their best health is a potential partner for us.

Submitting a Request

As you can imagine, we receive many requests for support and though we may not be able to respond to all requests, please rest assured that we do review all of them. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to make your events a success, and we will contact you if North Ottawa Community Health System is able to support your organization. Please review carefully the criteria for sponsorship and complete the Sponsorship Form below.

Non-profit organizations in the United States that are certified tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt status are eligible for corporate contributions. Giving is concentrated in the West Michigan community, where we have a significant business and/or employee presence.

*If you have multiple events you will be seeking sponsorship support for over each of the specified periods, please include them all in one sponsorship request so that we better understand the overall support you are seeking.

We do understand that there will be unusual or unplanned requests throughout the year. Any consideration to funding of these requests will depend on the availability of funds.
We do not consider proposals for individuals, schools, government organizations and political campaigns.

Please complete the submission form below. You may also include any additional materials that helps our committee make an informed decision, including your sponsorship packet and sponsorship level information.