Emergency Department

Emergency Department

North Ottawa Community Hospital's Emergency Department serves the Tri-Cities (Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg) metropolitan and surrounding areas. Emergency assessment, triage, evaluation, stabilization, treatment or transfer services are provided for all emergency conditions and diagnoses. The medical staff is in direct radio contact with NOCH EMS for patient triage and direction. Physicians are available on site 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Medical air evacuation services are supported by an FAA-approved helicopter landing strip.

Rebuilt from the patient up.

We invited community stakeholders to help us imagine what a new Emergency Room might look like. We knew it had to be more than just bigger, it had to be transformational. Our community’s needs were becoming more medically and socially complex, and we needed to respond. The result is a totally new environment that is more than just an expanded ER. It is an intersection point that allows patients to access medical care, mental health support and social services – in real time, if they need it.

Isolation/Decontamination Unit - CDC-Standard Design.
This area has separate water filtration and air flow to help isolate patients who have been contaminated or who are contagious. It’s made up of three, interconnecting rooms – each with a specific function.

Safe Rooms (2) - A safe place to get better.
We’ve constructed these rooms with added safety features for situations when a patient is in danger of harming themselves or others.

Universal Patient Rooms (19) - Delivering the best care, faster.
We have nearly doubled capacity (all private rooms) and made each of them “universal.” This means patients of any age or acuity can be seen in any room. Specialized equipment and supply carts for ENT, GYN, Cardiac, Orthopedics and Pediatrics, travel to wherever the patient is.

Trauma Rooms (2) - State-of-the-art trauma rooms were built for maximum adaptability.
They can be private rooms, or can expand to hold two beds, each. In the unfortunate case of a family trauma, like a car accident, the glass doors between adjoining rooms can open to create one space.

Collaborative Environments - The space wasn’t the only thing redesigned, the way we work was, too.
THE WORK HUB: We’ve reduced the amount of private offices for clinicians in favor of a central, open concept.
FAMILY ROOMS & COMMUNITY ROOM: Two Family Rooms are private areas where guests can make a phone call, seek respite or have a quiet conversation. The Community Room, just across the hall from the ER, is designated office, meeting and educational space for use by collaborative partners.

Specialty Features - OB/GYN& ENT.
OB/GYN (2): These rooms are located in a more private area of the ER. The patient faces away from door, for more privacy during exams. Each suite has its own bathroom.
ENT (1): This room has a flexible-use bed so that patient can be examined in either a sitting position or laying down, depending on the situation.

To contact the Emergency Department, please call 616.847.5310.

Call 911 or go the Emergency Department for

• Life threatening injuries
• Heart Attack or Stroke
• Chest pain
• Abdominal pain
• Dizziness
• Numbness in face/arms/legs
• Fractures
• Injuries to the head or eyes
• Shortness of breath
• Burns and bleeding
• Seizures
• Coughing or vomiting blood
• Urgent Care or physician office not available