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Center for Sleep Disorders

Do you feel sleepy all day, even though you’ve had a “good” night’s sleep? Perhaps you have trouble falling asleep, or maybe you snore loudly enough to annoy those around you. Do you have periodic kicking of the legs, gasping for breath or an inability to sleep at the proper time?

If so, you may suffer from a sleep disorder, a condition that can affect you both physically and emotionally. More than 40% of the population suffers from some type of sleep-related complaint. Do not assume that poor sleep is a function of age.

The Center for Sleep Disorders at North Ottawa Community Hospital is an accredited sleep lab by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is a specialized, medical facility where Board Certified Sleep Physicians and a staff of experienced professionals use the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and treat sleep-related problems in an atmosphere that fosters healing. Our professional and courteous staff members are Registered Polysomnographic Technologists with extensive experience.

What is the process?

To begin the process, first ask your physician to refer you to our Center for Sleep Disorders at North Ottawa Community Hospital for a consultation. At your consultation, we will determine if you need a Home Sleep Apnea Test or In-Lab Sleep Study. Other diagnostics maybe ordered for you at this time, such as a stress test or an echocardiogram.

Who qualifies for which study?

The Center for Sleep Disorders now offers two sleep study options, In-Lab or Home Sleep Apnea Tests.Determining which study is best for you takes into consideration insurance requirements, as well as your personal history. Those patients who have a documented history of serious conditions such as REM behavior disorder (night terrors), periodic limb movement disorder (severe Restless Less Syndrome) as well as a high BMI are typically candidates for an In-Lab study.

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If you need a Home Sleep Apnea Test, we will show you how to set the equipment up, and provide you simple step-by-step, written instructions. The instructions also include our Sleep Center phone number in case you have issues or questions. Once you have completed your test, you will bring it back to the Sleep Center the next day.

If you require an In-Lab Sleep Study, you will come to the Center for Sleep Disorders at North Ottawa Community Hospital where we will monitor your sleep, in a controlled environment to analyze your sleep patterns. Private rooms and home-like accommodations provide a comfortable setting for our patients.

After you have completed either Sleep Study, we will provide your physician a report so that they can review your results with you.

We welcome your questions regarding sleep testing.  You can reach us by calling (616) 847-5389. 

Please fax sleep consultation requests to: 616-296-1642.

For all other documents please use this fax number: 616-847-5467


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