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Medical Imaging Preparation

When your doctor gives you a prescription for an imaging test (Diagnostic X-ray, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, CT, Ultrasound and/or Mammogram), North Ottawa Community Hospital can help. We make it easy for you to take advantage of our advanced imaging technology provided by caring, qualified technologists and physicians. Below, for your convenience, are imaging test preparation instructions that pertain to the six imaging categories to help you know a little more about your exam along with detailed instructions on how to prepare.

Please note

*Previous Studies

- If you have had any previous imaging exam preformed at another facility, please let us know at the time of scheduling, so that we can obtain your previous study for comparison.

*Contrast (Iodine) Allergy

- Please notify our Medical Imaging Staff at the time of scheduling if you have an allergy to intravenous contrast (injectable x-ray die).

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Diagnostic X-ray

Nuclear Medicine