Harbor Dunes Health Center


Located on the campus of North Ottawa Community Health System at 1445 Sheldon Road, Harbor Dunes houses primary care, specialty physician offices and a retail pharmacy. A corridor connects Harbor Dunes to the main entrance of the hospital for easy access between the two buildings.

All of the offices in the building have common customer service and medical goals, which makes patient experience seamless – no matter who you are here to see or what service you need. Among these common goals are: universal insurance plan acceptance, common referral protocols among practices, valet parking for those in need, and customer service ambassadors to help patients and visitors who require additional assistance.

Harbor Dunes Health Center Building Tenants

Shoreline Vision
Phone: (616) 842-1680
Suite Number: 100
Physicians practicing at Harbor Dunes:
• Mark Kinziger, MD
• John Oltean, DO
• Lee Webster, MD
• Kenneth Otto, MD
• Timothy Barron, MD
• Todd Riker, OD
• John Leenhouts, MD

Lakeshore Urology
Phone: 616.604.8363
Suite Number: 101
Physicians practicing at Harbor Dunes:
• Caleb Fleming, MD 

West Shore Cardiology
Phone: (800) 968-5483
Suite Number: 102
Physicians practicing at Harbor Dunes:  
• Scott Harris, DO 
• John Meek, DO

• Mark Meengs, MD 
• John Skallerup, MD
• Daniel West, MD
• Thomas Hill, MD
• Eric B. Stuart, MD 

NOCHS Dunewood Pharmacy
Phone: (616) 842-5193
Suite Number: 104

Foot & Ankle Specialists of West Michigan
Phone: (616) 842-7960
Suite Number: 300
• Corwyn Bergsma, DPM


Phone: (231) 672-7939
Suite Number: 301

Steven Shephard DO
Caitlin Brazda DO
Brandon Freel DO
David Cree MD
Sara Holzgen DO
Mary E. Veach NP


NOCHS The Bariatric Clinic

Phone: (616) 847-5489

Suite Number : 304

Physicians practicing in this office:

  • Eric Krebill, MD
  • Jennifer Sandy, DO

NOCHS General Surgery Office

Phone: 616-844-4720

Suite Number : 304

Zachary Horton, MD

Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon
Phone: (616) 296-9100
Suite Number: G1
Physicians practicing at Harbor Dunes:  

Andrew W. Alwood, D.O.

Dirk A. Bakker, M.D.

Rick A. Baszler, D.O.

Christine Bowman, M.D. 

Neil H. Droppers, D.O.

John W. Hawkins, D.O. 

Jeffrey Lamping, M.D. 

Sandy Pritchett, F.N.P-C

Eric Turner, M.D.