Mission Vision Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

NOCHS Mission

The mission of North Ottawa Community Health System is to achieve community wellness through relationships, resources and personalized service.

We will provide personal, trusted, life-long medical care and guidance for our neighbors, family and friends.

NOCHS Values

Absolute Integrity: We will always be truthful and never compromise our integrity because it is the value on which an environment of trust is dependent.

Financial Health: We need to make good financial choices that keep the NOCHS organization viable and allow us to invest in areas that continuously deepen our core capabilities.

Clinical Excellence: We are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.

Respect: We will have a culture that views all individuals' contributions as important and fosters an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

Cultural Sensitivity: We will respect the ethnic, cultural, religious, and lifestyle diversities of all.

Compassion: We will provide unhesitating outreach to those in need.

Stewardship: We have a responsibility to maintain and nurture the NOCHS organization.

Courtesy: We will treat each other and all who come in contact with NOCHS with courtesy and kindness.

Continuous Learning: Each of us is responsible to maintain up-to-date knowledge in our area and make certain we are continually learning and growing.

Positive Attitude: We believe in a positive and high energy work environment where we actively seek to find the good in all people and all situations.

Community Focus: We are committed to playing a leadership role in improving the overall health of our community.